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Question: How do we know if another couple is interested in my husband or not? Part I

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are fairly new to the lifestyle and find that being able to read people, face to face, is rather difficult at times. When we exchange emails with a couple, we know if they are interested in both of us, and we let them know where our interests lie. Our problem is that if we are interested in a couple, face to face, we can generally tell if they are interested in me, but not necessarily Joe. It is hard for him to want to spend some time with a couple if he hasn't talked to them very much, if at all. I guess I'm the outgoing one, plus being the female I'm sure helps too! However, it is uncomfortable for me to flirt more and get more intimate with one, or both, of a couple, when we have no idea how they feel about Joe. I know Joe is a cutie pie, but he is also more reserved when he doesn't know someone very well. I have to assume that they are interested in both of us or they wouldn't show their obvious attraction to me. What is the best way to approach this situation? Thank you in advance for any advice! :-)



Dear (Anonymous),

Boy its hard enough when there are just 2 people trying to connect.... it gets a lot harder when its 3 or 4... doesn't it ???

We are going to make some assumptions here as some things were not that clear to us... we will assume that you do most of the online chatting and it is when you meet that there is that uncertainty about the feelings.... if we are not reading it right.. let us know...

Anyhow... there are a few things you can do... if you are a couple that only plays as a couple... when you chatting with a couple you need to make sure that you tell them that you only play as a couple... and you guys are a "package deal" LOL!

Also when you meet up face to face... after you talk for a while... it would be good to say to them that you are not sure what they are into... but that the two of you only play as a couple... and spell out your rules...

At that point.. if they continue to show interest and dont bail on you... you can probably assume that they are comfortable...either that.... or they are not listening to a word you are saying and are just staring at your breasts !

Ya know if you are the one mainly making the correspondences too... you may ask him to get involved somehow... Like if they ask a question in person or online... just say... "I'm gonna let Joe answer that one... " AND LET HIM !!!

It is very refreshing to see how much concern you are showing for your hubby's feelings and comfort... keep it up !!

Let us know if this is helpful.
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