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Question: How do we tell our friends we're not interested in sex?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have made a great group of LL friends. We do family things together as well as play. One couple in our group is a lil' aggressive in "claiming" us during playtime, my hubby can't seem to get the job done since there is no attraction, she thinks he is nervous, how do we tell or show them we are not interested in the sexual part without having to bail out on the rest of our group of friends?



Dear (Anonymous),

You guys should not even be engaging in sexual play at all if there is no attraction. When doing that, it's like feeding a stray cat. You're obviously having a hard time shaking them off now.
If you want to veil the actual truth without hurting their feelings, you can always tell them that since you have become such close friends, that you don't feel right having sex with them anymore.
That's not at all uncommon anyway. If they don't get the hint, you'll have to politely tell them that you love the friendship but you just want to keep it that way.
If they're your true friends, they will stick around. They might need time to lick their wounds, but they will come back around :)
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