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Question: Breast augmentation

Dear Lounge Advice,
I am considering breast augmentation. However,I am concerned about having scars? Is there any kind of method that you would recommend which will leave no scars? Also, please give me advise on how to go about it.
as always.



Dear (Anonymous),

Before even considering scars, make sure you shop around. I didn't. I jumped at the first doctor I found because it was cheap. However, I got what I paid for. I ended up having to go through nine surgeries to fix the initial botch job. Now I have a huge scar on my right breast.
Do your research and check your surgeon's credentials. Once you are comfortable with a particular doctor, then you can consider the surgical implications.
If you are worried about scars, I would advise against going through the lower part of the breast. I went through the areola, but I still have visible scars eight years later. Your best bet to avoid scars is to go through the underarm or naval area. (Yes, this is an option!)
These options will leave the breast area flawless.
However, the best advice will come from an experienced professional, so make sure you voice your concerns up front!
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