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Question: How can this decadent/questionable lifestyle can make a relationship stronger.

Dear Lounge Advice,
Can you please give me an idea of the percentage of relationship/marriages that fail due to this lifestyle?

It has been explained to me that this lifestyle can actually strengthen a relationship. I am perplexed as to how this decadent/questionable lifestyle can make a relationship stronger.



Dear (Anonymous),

The purpose of this lifestyle is to enhance an already fantastic bond.
Swinging in a relationship is like the wind to a fire. If the fire is strong, swinging will be the wind that breathes more life into your fire, making it burn brightly. If your fire is weak, that same wind will eventually extinguish the flames.
When a couple swings in an open and honest relationship, it entails trust. With trust comes the broadening of one's horizons. Essentially, without making this a dissertation, if you relationship has the key elements necessary to do this, the following is possible:

You enjoy the benefits of an open sex life, which in turn allows you to appreciate the amazing bond that you have with your partner. To trust someone enough to partake in open sexual relations can inherently strengthen your bond by this principle alone. Knowing that you both can do this, without hangups, further solidifies the realization that you are both secure, in love and cognizant that this can be done without placing your bond in disrepair. Being aware of the relationship's strength is good. Being aware that you can both do this and remain ever as much in love and bonded is great!

To boil it down, when you know you can trust your partner enough to do something like this, it's pretty damn special. (and you realize it that much more)

By the way.......
Decadent and questionable are terms that are subjective and very much a matter of semantics. Societal views do not dictate morality.
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