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Question: How do we know if another couple is interested in my husband or not? Part II

Dear Lounge Advice,

Great advice, thank you! Let me clarify a few things, as I do see where I left blanks! LOL!

What I meant about meeting people face to face is when we are at a party or dance. When it comes to the email thing, I always have Joe look at the profile of the other couple first, before I even reply to them, that way I know where we both stand. But when we are out partying, we sometimes seem to be in opposite areas and then we can't really read the other one. There have been a few times now where I've wanted to persue a couple, but since we weren't right there together talking to one or both of them, it is hard for us to make that decision, since he hadn't had the chance to talk to them.

I realize this will get easier, and more comfortable, as time goes on, but for right now we are a little unsure of how to handle these situations. That was a very good suggestin about asking what they are into and pointing out that we are a package deal.
I hope our info was more thorough this time! :-) Thanks again!!



Dear (Anonymous),

The way to avoid this problem is an easy one...

We often get questions like this and and we never run into this problem ourselves... mainly because we never separate when we go to couples functions... either in socializing or playing.

If you stay together as a couple as you walk around at a dance or a party, you are presented to the other people as a couple...

We have our same non-verbal clues that we use if one of us is not interested in the couple we are socializing with... instead of our "pinch" we use when we are playing... we use alittle "double squeeze"... if we are holding hands (which we like to do a lot) the one who is not comfortable will just gently squeeze the other ones hands two time... or if we have our arms around each other its just two gentle squeezes..... that lets the other person know to end the conversation... and move on.

But the real answer here is just to stay together... you can't get into any trouble that way! If you're going to end up together... stay together!
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