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Question: Lifestyle was bad for my relationship

Dear Lounge Advice,

This is not as much a question but a cautionary tale for others. I have read many postings and questions from others concerning the lifestyle and agree with most. Just want to add my two cents worth. We (my partner and I) have had a very difficult relationship. If things are not very clear and secure, get out! I thought (male) that she would enjoy and appreciate the attention but I have discovered in my case it is not all about that. We were not ready for this and it has brought about many difficulties. I thought I was being free and open to all her desires but as it turns out she has equated this to; I don't love her or I think less of her. Although this is farthest from the truth perception is 99% of the truth and now she thinks I am just turning her out so I can get laid. I want to scream! Yes, I have tried to communicate with her but we are speaking different languages. I am soooooo frustrated. I love her and am willing to accommodate just about anything she wants while I do nothing ( I mean nothing, as in I talk to no one) I feel like a BITCH. And I am not happy about it.

Just venting
I am not happy with my version of the lifestyle



Dear (Anonymous),

Thanks for sharing your experience.
You're absolutely right. If the relationship isn't sound, this lifestyle will make it worse.
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