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Question: Hubby hiding e-mails and lying constantly

Dear Lounge Advice, i have been on the lounge for almost 5 years, as a couple, we recently, 3 mos ago seperated. my husband would not allow me access to our account after i moved out. i didn't push the issue too often, i knew better and i didn't want to fight. when we would be together he made sure all of his emails were gone. he would also have me "go get him something" anything he could think of, from another room, and quick check emails while i was out of the room. he would delete emails he didnt want me to see, when i would turn around or leave the room for a second and then tell me when i asked to see them, that i bumped the computer and deleted them! he made me to believe that he wasn't "doing anything" on the lounge. But why would he not allow me access then? when i would ask for the password he would get very defensive and then turn it around on me and say he didn't trust me to have the password! and that i just wanted to dig. i would tell him if theres nothing for you to hide, then theres nothing to dig! he said it was none of my business. A fight would allows happen. the last time i asked he got very????and told me to go get my own@!#$@!account, that i had the ability to. I did get my own profile and now he's saying i got what i wanted, to be a SF and now our old profile went to SM. he ?'s me all the time since i got my profile, he makes cutdown remarks, and insinuates constantly that i'm trying to hook-up. i did not want to be a SF, i just wanted to have the same rights as he. he tells me that he's not doing anything, and that hes not acting like a SM on the Lounge, but then he starts a forum topic about SM reality! and says that luckily we can still go to events cuz we're married, but he's now "my date?" and he pit a ? mark after it. So many people felt sorry for him becoming a SM and he complained about the fact that he doesn't have the same rights as before now that hes a SM. i didnt want this, seperate profiles, and i dont know what to do about the fact that he is trying so hard to get attention from everyone that hes now a SM. Hes making me look like a piece of crap, when he's the one that did this? i dont want to cross any boundaries on the lounge or cause any problems, i just want the truth to somehow be know. do i do something about this or do i just lay down and let him play his little game?



Dear (Anonymous),

And you STAYED with this man for five years???? Ouch. You're obviously better off single. Stand your ground! Have fun honey, and while you're at it, tell him to f*** off.
'Nuf said.

BTW- If you need divorce advice to deal with someone like that, I know plenty to help ya. ;)
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