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Question: How do I tell him that I don't like his girl toys sleeping over with him?

Dear Lounge Advice,

How do you approach your boyfriend using the hall pass with single women.

We have a rule to tell eachother about encounters we have set up. when he is with a single female, she spends the night. which i don't agree with.

How do i get him to understand the difference between Lust and intimacy. i think spending the night is not permissible bc then your spending time with someone. it is always a over night deal. the playmate leaves in the morning. once she/couple is gone he is right on it with reconnecting with me. but then i feel stand offish. i take longer to re-bond with him. about a day tops

He says his heart is on lock and key and i need not worry. but im not a jealous person in regards to him using his penis, but i am a jealous woman in relations to matters of the heart, and spending the night. i wouldnt spend the night with a male or couple i would get what i went for and leave

am i being out of line or worrying for no reason.
i did communicate to him that i dont like over nights. he listened and that was it.

so what now. is it normal when a person is playing that an over night is not out of the ordinary.



Dear (Anonymous),

You are absolutely right! If she MUST stay overnight, he needs to sleep separately from her. Them sleeping in the same bed IS paramount to a certain degree of intimacy. Stand up for yourself and tell him that you don't like this. He's lucky enough that you allow the playing at all.
He either gets to play and not sleep the night, or he doesn't play at all. SPEAK UP! If it's makes you uncomfortable, it's unacceptable!
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