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Lifestyle Sexual Advice
We have tried Bi sites and have not had any luck.
Does DP increase the chance of a vaginal infection?
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Lifestyle Etiquette
Perhaps I just want to know your opinion and if you agree that their behavior was rude?
I have a single male friend that I play with
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Relationship Advice
My fantasy is simply being with a man that wants to be with 'only me' and loves me most of the time. I really don't think he does any more.
How can I help her to feel more comfortable about returning to the lifestyle?
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Friendships, Clubs & More...
I was thinking to try to meet a girl on the site to go to parties with, any advice?
What is a unicorn?
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Question: My wife is pregnant with kids I didn't want and I still want to be in the LS

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife is Prego with twins.. I am not ready to abandon the lifestyle. I am torn, should i find a replacement partner or be patient? I didnt want kids in the first place. I am 38 and she is 30. However, I do understand her need to have them so I gave in. Lost in Cali..



Dear (Anonymous),

Ouch. I hope she doesn't read this. That would hurt her more than you could know. Not only did you admit to not wanting kids, but you say that you want to continue to play around in the lifestyle. This issue goes beyond the realm of lifestyle problems. If you don't want kids, she'll soon know this, whether you say it or not. So, this being the case, don't try to find a 'replacement' partner and further break her heart. At least be patient and be supportive of your wife, who is in a delicate enough situation without your need for sexual promiscuity arising. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I needed to lay it on the line so that you know what you're dealing with here.
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