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Lifestyle Sexual Advice
How do you get a metal cock ring on?
Does this make me a cuckold?
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Lifestyle Etiquette
Am I allowed to be on LL and will others understand I am part of a couple but seeking adventures on my own?
seeking to find cuckold situations in real lifeā€¦
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Relationship Advice
there is never enough time….
Is he hitting spots I will never be able to hit
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Friendships, Clubs & More...
Do you know of anyone that would be in swinging that gives such a massage?
Any suggestions as to clubs, and how we set boundaries?
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Question: Why are we having trouble getting others' attention?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Hi. I don't mean to whine,well maybe a little, because we're having trouble getting interested couple's attention. In "real life", I get hit on and flirted with alot. From 19 year old boys, to guys my age, to 40 year old lesbians. It runs the gamut. My husband is not exactly tall dark and handsom, but he is adorable, dark, and has a great athletic body. Any thoughts? Are we appearing too old? Too ugly? This seems way harder than the single scene I remember. What do we do? I send several emails in responce to travel plans, occasional bootey calls, etc. I'm polite, not pushy - just asking them to check out our pics and profile and get back to us if interested. We've had a few invites. Mostly old and unattractive couples. I'm picky, but not THAT picky, and certainly not desperate. What changes to our pics and or profile do you suggest? Help!



Dear (Anonymous),

Of course it will be be harder than the average single scene :) Single women have it very easy. Make her into a couple and the dificulty factor suddenly arises. I can see why you frequently attract men. However, with the lifestyle, now you have to be patient because both the man AND the woman have to find you a match. That being said, you'll have to continue exactly what you're doing and be patient. Perserverance will serve to be your ultimate goal, and you will find someone you like. Just don't give up and keep your standards intact. This may take some time, but believe me, it's worth the wait!
I wouldn't cahnge anything about your pics. They seem absolutely fine to me ;)
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