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Question: To keep him from cheating on me........

Dear Lounge Advice,

to avoid my husband from cheating, i've agreed to get into this lifestyle. and i've discovered a lot of things as painful as cheating itself. he brings me along so he can get a pass to all clubs, since most single men are not allowed. he uses me so he can play with a woman, either with another man, in a group or single. as much as he can avoid it, he doesn't want me to play. one time, i decided to dance for him, with a couple of hot ladies, and he wasn't even looking at me, instead he was so focused on how the other ladies started stripping their clothes off. if we get the chance to play with anothe couple, he would always check on me. but after all of this things, when we get home, he would start talking to me about how i had sex with the other man and it will turn him on so hard.

i don't know what to think and if confuses my feelings as well. please advice. thanks



Dear (Anonymous),

This is NOT the relationship for you!!
I probably don't have to tell you how wrong it is that you're going along with all of this. If you don't get out of this now, you're a fool. I don't mean to offend, but it's the truth. Either you say NO to this lifestyle, or you need to seriously rethink your marriage. You're both in this for the entirely wrong reasons. This is not what this lifestyle is for. Work out the issues in your own marriage. If you can't this lifestyle is NOT the place for you. It will only serve to ruin your already strained relationship. Think about what you're allowing him to do. He SHOULD'NT be cheating anyways. You SHOULDN'T have to do anything to KEEP him from cheating!!! If he has to be kept from cheating, then honey..........
HE is NOT worthy of YOU!
I wish you girls could see this!!!!
Don't you believe in yourself enough to want better for yourself? If you aren't enough, then SCREW HIM!!
I'm sorry for the blunt attitude, but I've but in your exact situation before. I know damn well, from learning the hard way, what I'm talking about.

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