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Question: Age difference and alternative look-ok?

Dear Lounge Advice,
we are a couple that is deeply in love and we both have a high sex drive - that's when we decided that we start experimenting with the lifestyle.
We had some really great experiences and take it really relaxed and in little steps to explore more.
Anyway I have a question about anonymity.
Do members here usually use their real names?
I also wonder how accepted a big age difference between partners is and I'm a punk rock girl and have a couple tattoos and colored hair - do you think that might be a problem if we attend a swinger club? Thank you very much, love this site!



Dear (Anonymous),

I LOVE your pictures! One of my best girlfriends has a very similar look to you and she and hubby have a lot of luck together. You two don't actually look as far apart in age as you are. There are more couples than you think that have a considerable age difference between them. As long as you have the right attitude, age is not a factor. My ex and I were 12 years apart and had no problem in the LS.
Your look is incredibly sexy, so don't worry your pretty ass about that.
I'd do ya ;) I know lots of others who would too! *evil grin*
Anyways, you can use your real name, or a stage name. I know LS couples who do both. Whatever makes you comfortable is the way to go.
So quit your worrying and GO HAVE FUN!
'Nuff said.
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