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Question: Any tips for continued online communication?

Dear Lounge Advice,
In our experiences over the past 6 months since we've been members here, we've been contacted by many people. Our only frustration is, once someone contacts us with interest, that is as far as it goes. I always reply to emails very warmly and friendly (as we are). I usually read the profile, look at the pics and reply with compliments and an offer to meet for no-pressure drinks. We aren't bootie call types...which is clearly stated in our profile. However, once we reply to THEIR interest email, we don't hear back. I feel like the majority of what goes on at LL.com is fantasy emailing and picture viewing. We have yet to actually meet from the site. Events however have been more successful (desire and a bliss party). We'd like to also meet from the site. Any tips?



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, it just seems as if you two should invest your time in live events as oppposed to e-mail communication since it's working out a bit more for you. I'd advise you to follow up again on those e-mails that have gone unanswered. It does not sound as if they've lost interest in you. It may just be a matter of busy lives, just like us. We normally take quite a while to respond back to interest e-mails merely because we're so inundated by other matter. By persistant and send them a second follo9w up e-mail to inform them of your interest. I haven't taken a look at your profile, but make sure youre interests are clear and your pictures are diverse and provocative. Again, try to make your contacts via live events, then you will surely build up a rapport on the site :)
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