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Question: How to get my man into this fantasy

Dear Lounge Advice,
okay, up until about a week ago I guess I was a little naive about this lifestyle thing. I've always known a community existed and I definitly constantly fantasize about changing it up but I never really did much about it. I recently met someone in real life and the subject came up casually about me joining he and his wife. the whole prospect really turned me on. Since then I've decided this is something I need to explore further.
I'm in a committed relationship and I know that the idea of adding more people sure gets him excited. We like to talk about it before sex and use examples of real life people we think are hot during foreplay. the problem is while he's wild in the bedroom he is EXTREMELY shy socially. I know that he has the potential to do this but I'm hesitant to bring up the situation. I just want to do it so bad!!
Any tips on how to maybe gently ease into the topic would be greatly appreciated. I have the tendancy in life to be too blunt and I don't want to scare him off.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well well. This is certainly a change of roles. It's usually the male who is trying to ease the female into the idea of swinging. Normally, I have a certain way of responding to that scewnario, but this is different.
First, don't be too blunt. Be sexy and suggestive, but be direct. The hot foreplay talk is a great start! You need to further it from there by asking "How would you like to experience the real thing?" Most red-blooded men wouldn't refuse.
This is your time to take the reins. You'll have to be the dominant one socially, which most people love in a woman. It's certainly a nice change up from the male who usually does the leading.
He's a man. You won't scare him off. You just need to be the leader, and he WILL follow, I guarantee! Take charge and pave the way. Lead him into lands yet uncharted (by him anyways :)) You have a unique advantage with your interest in this-take the advantage.
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