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Question: Someone I didn't know was entirely too forward

Dear Lounge Advice,

Was at an LL party and one of the male halves of a couple stuck his hand up my skirt and his tounge down my throat. I didn't know him...he was a friend of a single male that I know.

I was upset and felt it was disrespectful. When I told my male friend about it he said that I was too sensative and that I should "get with the program."

I am only one month into the lifestyle and I don't think that I was wrong to be more than a little upset.

To make a long story short, single male is now angry with me.

Am I wrong. Are they both assholes?



Dear (Anonymous),

They ARE assholes. That was completely out of line and you have every right to feel the way you do. That is not the norm in this lifestyle, and I'm sorry you had this experience so soon in the game. If they ever approach you again, give them the cold shoulder. OR, if you're the type of girl to reeeaaallly speak up, tell him off.
His behavior was completely unacceptable. Part of a couple or not, he overstepped his boundaries. Period.

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