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Question: How do I convince women who hit on me to come home to my wife and I?

Dear Lounge Advice, My relationship with my partner (we're not married) is amazing and we since we've joined, we've had an amazing time in the lifestyle, thanks to LL! She is very cool, totally bi, and we talk openly about everything. My job takes me all over the country and there are many opportunities to meet women-and I'm very social yet I am not on the hunt and looking for an opportunity to cheat. I find that women are very forward and have asked to get together sometime. When asked if I'm single, I always tell them I am happily with someone and it doesn't matter to them and there is still heavy suggestion of an out of town visit, or getting together next time in town. My question is...how do I "convert" these opportunities into meeting my partner and I as a couple? Do I say, oh yeah you are hot and I'm sure my girlfriend would like to meet you too, or something that suggests we would be intersted in meeting sometime, together?



Dear (Anonymous),

That's EXACTLY what you say! Why beat around the bush and resort to a well-intentioned form of trickery? If you try to circumvent the issue, it will only backfire. Be honest and straight- forward. You'll know immediately if the woman is into this. Either she'll vacate the 'premises' immediately, or waver. If she wavers, then you can smooth talk her into the idea of a hot night. Just continue to show her that you're truly interested in here, but play with you involves a hot night with your hot wife! If anythine, women will appreciate your candor, which makes a hot guy THAT much hotter!!!
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