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Question: How common are straight couples?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I attended a club for the first time and she danced, fondled and kissed another woman. For months after this I was totally turned on thinking about this, until she announced before we attended another party some months later that she was not bisexual. I asked her why she pretended to be bisexual when she wasn't. She said that she was curious to try it but decided that this was not for her. When we made love I would tell her how much her bi experience turned me on and she would often cum when I brought this up. I asked her about this and she said that she was pretending because I was so turned on when we talked about it. So, I am confused - not the first time as I am often completely confused about woman in general. I have tried to discuss this with her but without a lot of luck.

I do not know what the definition of bi-comfortable or bi-curious is, but perhaps you could help me out? Obviously, she did not seem to be particularly offended by bi sexual activity going on a our first event, although it is pretty clear that she prefers men over woman (thankfully for me!). Finally, are there couples you know where both partners are straight? Is this common or the exception? If we announced that we were both straight would this eliminate a lot of interested couples? So many questions...





Dear (Anonymous),

Bi-comfortable means that she won't freak out if a woman touches or caresses her. Bi-curious means that she wants to explore having sex with another woman. It sounds to me that she's a bi-comfortable, and that's about as far as she's comfortable going.
Straight couples have just as much luck as couples with a bi-female. Yes, you're in the minority, but it probably won't hurt your chances at all. Don't worry about this at all. Many couples don't mind it if the girls don't play together. You'll still do just fine :)
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