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Question: Thinking about separation

Dear Lounge Advice,

In a bout of insomnia, i was up a little late on the computer. Admittedly, i had about half a bottle of wine. This is something I do about once a week. Twice if I'm lucky.

My husband woke up and found me awake and on the computer. He was very angry and irate that i wasn't in bed with him. He proceeded to call me drunk and irrational, a dick, and whatever else he could come up with. He bandied about the term 'separation', and verbally assaulted me for talking to a friend tonight, one of about two that i've had since i've been with him. The other of which he coerced me into terminating contact with.

At this juncture in our lives, i am working a shit job that i am trying to stay positive about to help pay off some tax debts that we've incurred (he had me sign the forms and never mailed them in), as well as some student loans that he incurred before we met, but never bothered to repay.

I never tell anyone about our problems, preferring to keep them to myself. I love him madly, but the stress, isolation and verbal assault is starting to make me feel less than i think i could be without him.

I've tried talking to him, but i get told to 'shut the fuck up' and 'stop yammering'.

I am stressed beyond belief and i don't know if i can hold up.

To top it all off, the insomnia night was a bad period-cramp night for me. I was met with mock-whining from him, "oh, my cramps, blah, blah, blah".

I think I'm just venting. My loyalty for the past 10 years holds me to him, but I think it might be leaving time.


Btw, tonight is my 'drunk-irrational-insomnia night'. If I at all sound that way to you, please advise thus...



Dear (Anonymous),

If you feel comfortable doing so, contact me via my regular e-mail

Or, if you can do so without him seeing, e-mail me through this site so I can give you my phone number. I'd like to help you with this since I'm VERY familiar with it and I think you'd benefit greatly from more than just an e-mail answer to this. I'd like to share some personal stories with you that you might find familiar to yours.
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