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Question: I want to get her into this so I can have other women

Dear Lounge Advice,
I am married to a wonderful women she is leary of swinging. I am setting up a meeting with another man she has agreed to try it with another mam and myself trading off for a few hours. She never has been with a black man so I am arrainging a meeting with one, I want to see her get totaly fucked she wants to do it blindfolded and I think this is a good idea. What do you think? Then we are planning on trying a bi-female if we can find a real one that wants to teach her she will allow wants to watch me have sex with her as well. Then we are planning on setting up a few couples and then attending a few parties/ I Love her and she loves me. She is a little affraid of this and we are newbies. I have had same room sex with other women and buddies it turned me on. I think watching her getting fucked by other men will turn me on but she is not sure.
What would you do I want to watch her with another man before attending parties and I think she should get fucked by another person so that I can Fuck another Women. What do you think or What advice can you give me?





Dear (Anonymous),

Your e-mail was intriguing until I read one of your last lines.....

"I think she should get fucked by another person so that I can Fuck another Women"

Please tell me. What is your real motivation behind getting her into this lifestyle? It sounds as if you're pushing her into this so you can attain the aformentioned goal. If this is the case, you are in this for the WRONG reasons. If you push your wife into this with the wrong motives, she will quickly find out. Then, your relationship will suffer. And suffer quickly it will.

Analyze your motives and analyze your relationship. IS it truly worth what you have? Do you want to jeopordize a good thing by coercing your wife into having sex with others just so you can fool around with other women?

Think about your priorities. SHE should be your #1 priority. It doesn't really sound like she is right now. Be prudent, please, or you will be a single male with too many regrets to list.
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