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Question: Strange text messages on my gf's phone

Dear Lounge Advice,im in a 10 year relationship with my girl who i love very much. i was going over her cell phone bill and i had found that she went over her allowed 300 text messeges for the month so i checked it out and they were 95% to one number. when i asked her about it she said it was a girl friend from work. so i checked into it more it wasnt it was the girl friends son. she said they were just talking and had not been doing nothing but talking so i called this person i was angry and he said they had been together she said he was lying. then she said she wasnt going to have no contact with this person. so i was keeping up on her cell phone calls and texts i was thinking she was true to her word. then one night i was up and she was sleeping and there was a strange beep coming for her work bag so i look inside and i found a cell phone i had never seen before then i looked though the menu on the phone and there it was his phone number she had been stiil talking and whatever with this person for the past few weeks on this phone without my knowing i dont want to believe it but its right in my face i cant live with that thought in the back of my mind do u have any thoughts on how i can go on without just being so bitter at my whole life at this point please i need some help with my poor me feelings.



Dear (Anonymous),

Confront her. Again. If she's not up front with you, again, then I'd strongly recommend leaving her. Relationships are nothing without honesty. If she's not willing to be honest, then your foundation is lost.
If you truly believe it's worth saving, then try. But she has to be willing to try as well. If she's not willing, find a woman who will be true to you.
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