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Question: Disrespecting boundaries

Dear Lounge Advice, Me and my husband have been in the lifestyle for over 7 years now. We have had some really good experiences and some really not so good experiences. I am totally bisexual, and am drawn to other sexy men and couples. In small words I am totally fine with the lifestyle as long as me and my husband are on the same page and the boundaries we have set for that moment aren't crossed. But what do you do, when your husband is constantly trying to sabotage those boundaries and beliefs. How do you get your husband to understand that you wouldn't still be involved with those people in the lifestyle and keep up those relations if you weren't okay with it.



Dear (Anonymous),

You need to be VERY direct with him! Tell him that what he is doing is totally unacceptable. He's lucky to be in the lifestyle. How many woman would be open to doing what you are both doing? Not many. Tell him that if he wants to continue in this, he will respect boundaries.
Tell him what you said at the end of your letter to me. Let him know what the consequences will be if he continues on his path. He can either behave, or not be involved in the lifestyle at all. Lay the law down girl!!!
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