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Question: Who pays the dinner bill?

Dear Lounge Advice,

As a couple, we have recently been approached by a very attractive single bi-female. This lady is beautiful, classy, confident, and a real sweetheart. We have met with her once at a party and we would all like to get to know each other better. Towards that end we have decided to meet again for dinner. In thinking things through it occurred to me, the male half, that if I was dating a female it would be customary to pay the bill. But in this situation what would be the appropriate etiquette? Can you think of any other issues of etiquette that might arise?

We are new to the lifestyle. It's only been a few months since we became active so perhaps this would not be an issue for folks that are more experienced.

Thank you for the help.



Dear (Anonymous),

If she happens to offer, why don't you try a half and half split?
If not, I don't see why it would be a problem for you to offer. It's really no different than a customary date- so think of it that way.
As for other etiquette that could arise, there could be multiple things, but I can only think of one that would be an issue.
If and when it comes to playtime, allow your wife to initiate first, then wait to be invited in by either female. This way, it doens't give the impression that this is solely for you (which it doesn't seem that way), but you will want to be safe and portray yourself as the perfect gentlemen. This gives you the chance to have two have females beckon you into the fantasy. How cool is that?
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