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Question: My wife is now deleting conversations she has with this man

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife was doing a lot on on-line chatting with the male half of a couple. He kept trying to get her to sex chat, but she didn't feel comfortable. For the longest time, she always saved their normal conversations so I could look back a see them. Now all of a sudden, she is deleting all their conversations!?!




Dear (Anonymous),

Try talking to her if this is a concern! Not that I'm advocating what is going on, but she may be doing this because she thinks you will overreact. If she used to save them so you could see, she might be deleting now because she doesn't want you to get upset. Or, the possibility may exist that this man is still trying to delve into sexual conversation, and she deleted so you won't get mad and cut off the communication. If she has a lot of conversation with this person, it's probably something she enjoys and doesn't want to have it taken away. Again, this is all conjecture, but if you don't bring this to the forefront, things will certainly blow out of proportion.
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