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Dear Lounge Advice,
Long time reader first time writer...haha

My hubby and I became members and realized we aren't the sexy cuople that we see on here.... we just have a few pounds to lose to be fair to us because we haven't gotten hit with the ugly stick either.
But my piont is he was all "lets do this and I'm ready. we have our rules down" type stuff. We confirm a few fun dates like meet and greets..... I get the sitter get all jazzed up, he gets cold feet..... we end up at the nudie bar 300$ later me ready to explode with no pretty to take home to share.... but a horny hubby to satisfy.
We had a few pic's up of me but he decided to take them down till he feels he looks good.
My birthday is coming up and all's I wanted to do was land us a friend for my birthday weekend for us to share..... I had left plenty of time for a few dates to get to know the new friend to make everyone comfortable.
What do I do to make him more comfortable he looks great to me because I love him and yes I also remember him thinner too.... so was I. I am working on it but I am willing to dangle my foot out there to see what comes our way.
Please help me ..... I can't handle another night of teasing and taunting me at the nudie bar.
please and thank are the majic words!



Dear (Anonymous),

LOL! Ok, that was too cute. It's not often that I get to laugh when I'm reading an advice question :)

Ok, it sounds like hubby just needs that extra assurance that you are giving him. He sounds like he's a bit deflated and your words and actions will help to boost him up. Sometimes, men can be just as self-conscious as us gals and they need the same lift-ups that we do.
If he's feelings less than stellar about his own appearance, why don't you suggest this: Since it's your birthday anyways, you can still set up the date and leave the fun between yourself and your date while he watches. This way, you get your birthday goody and he doesn't feel pressured to get naked and perform. Tell him he can watch and you'll get him off afterwards.
Just one suggestion to think about.
If your birthday friend wants him to join in, then o-o-o-bviously she finds him appealing. Then if he still wavers, hit him upside the head with a stick for being a silly boy. ;) Seriously, though, let him have time to gain some confidence and help him do this. YOu may even want to ask your female friend(s) to give him a verbal 'upper' or two so he hears it from someone else beside you.
You may also want to come up with an image improvement plan between you to help him with his insecurities. Schedule gym session and/or healthy meals. But in order to help him along, you'll have to be supportive and do it alongside him.
If the lifestyle is something you truly want, help him as much as you can.
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