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Question: Single lady looking for a first experience

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have been fantasizing about having sex with a woman for a long time now. I'm dying to fulfill this fantasy! I'm also a little nervous, though. Is that normal? But I feel like it's one of those things I must try before I die. I'd also love to have a threesome or a foursome! How can I go about finding people to do these things with? I mean, besides this website... which is why I joined, by the way.

Can you offer me some advice? By the way, I've only ever had very vanilla hetero sex and it's mostly been pretty boring at that. :(




Dear (Anonymous),

Being nervous is perfectly normal. In fact, a little bit of a nervous edge can add to the excitement of exploring new territories. I'm glad you've decided to fulfill your fantasy, since nobody wants to look back on their lives with regrets.
You'll be pleased to know that as a single female seeking such an experience, things will be fairly easy for you here. Most members are searching for someone just like you! Single females are scarce in our world of fantasies, so you just wait- they will come to you. Plus, I'm sure that you can have some of your top picks, as long as you initiate contact with them and state your desires. I would strongly recommend that you post a photo on your profile since we all want to know what our potential playmates look like. Without photos, you'll find that people will be hesitant to correspond with you. If you're worried about keeping private, there is a special password protected photo album on your profile that allows you to only allow members of your choice to view them. Also, if you haven't already, get validated. Single female impersonators are the most prevalant fakes on swing sites, so people might be wary of your validity without a seal on your profile. Go to the homepage to get info on how to do this.
The best advice I can give you beyond that is to reach out and contact the members of you choice after reading their profiles to make sure they are seeking single females. Be sure to make it clear that this is your first time and it doesn't necessarily mean that the first date will end in playtime. State your expectations, boundaries and intentions clearly and keep your hand on the wheel. Many couples dream of inviting another female into their bed, so I'm sure they'll be just fine allowing you to politely dictate the terms.
Have a drink or two if you're too nervous during the meeting, but don't get plowed. A libation before the deed is always good to help your inhibitions loosen up, but too many can make for a sloppy experience.
So get to contacting your fantasies and make this happen!
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