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Question: We're in our 50's. How will our age affect us in the LS?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My wife and I are brand new to this. Is our age, 54/53 a detriment? We see mostly younger couples on the site. Do older folks get the attention of the younger couples? That is what we are looking for.



Dear (Anonymous),

You're NEVER too old for this!!

Repeat after me:

It's never too late to get swingin'. We are willing ready and able and age don't mean a damn thing!

See, now don't you feel better. More empowered? A little more dangerous?

Okay, well, you should :)

As for your perception of this being a younger lifestyle, I think you're pulling too much from one source. While I adore LL, it tends to run a bit younger in population and doesn't necessarily represent the full range of ages as they exist. I'm estimating that the mean age of lifestylers is a bit older than the mean age of LL's members.

As for garnering the attention from younger couples, this depends on a couple of factors. First (and I hate to admit this) will be determined by your sexual allure. Do you feel that younger couples will find you 'doable'? If so, then the hardest part of the battle is won. Second, do you have a youthful personality? While your ages definitely aren't anywhere near the category of 'old' yet, your personality is what truly defines your age.

If people act like old farts, of course that's a turnoff. And trust me when I say that I've met couples in their 20's that act like old farts.
I know a stellar couple in their late 50's that can hang with couples decades their junior and still be the life of the crowd.

Basically, the onus is on you. If you think you have what it takes, you're golden ;)
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