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Lifestyle Etiquette
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Friendships, Clubs & More...
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Question: Meeting vanilla friends in the LS

Dear Lounge Advice,

Ok, quick question..Have you ever ran in to a couple from your real world work and social life at a party that you didnt know was in the lifestyle? If you did was your natural tendancy to avoid them and hide from them..How did you handle it and whats your advice? These people are very close to us in social circles but we would never want to go there with them because of the closeness of our families and friends..Yikes scary!!! They are pretty hot on the other hand but she has a rather big mouth and tends to talk way to much about things that are a bit scetchy at times..gulp!



Dear (Anonymous),

As much as I've 'been around' in my ten years' experience in this lifestyle, I've never encountered this situation.......yet. However, I have heard a few accounts from others that have. Some of them avoided like crazy, while others took it in stride and just broke the tension by getting face-to-face and dealing with it.
Personally, I think of it this way- If you see someone you know at a lifestyle function, they're probably just as worried about the prospect of running into a familiar from the vanilla world. If you opt to confront, just be lighthearted about it and make a pact that 'it's our little secret' *wink* In other words, be the first to say, "I won't tell if you won't"
If you ever do encounter someone of this ilk that also has a loose mouth, be sure to let them know that you prefer that this subject neeeever comes up in the vanilla realm. Even alluding to it is off limits, even if they think they're just sharing an inside joke out loud amongst company.
You're very wise to keep you distance from the 'family circle' of friends when it comes to sexual fun. Although tempting, it's best left to rest. Kudos.
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