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Question: How should I set this up for my wife?

Dear Lounge Advice,
my wife and I are in our early 50;s a few years ago we were the old movie behind the green door while we just about to have sex. I whispered to her that wouldn't she love to be marilyn chambers when the scene of all of the other women were eating and fondling marilyn, She answered yes and got very very wet and wanted to fuck immediatley. Later in the movie I told her how much I would like to watch her fuck another man and ask her if she would, she whispered yes.

A few days later in the course of our everyday life I ask her about fucking another man again and she kind of backed off a bit. We have not discussed it since.

fast forward to just the other night. I was talking to a friend of ours who called to say her husband was going to drop off something that they borrowed from us. In the the phone conversation she told me that she could not come with him to see us and joked that the three of us would just have to have a threesome, ( we had not ever discussed swinging before, but I had been told that she and her husband were in the lifestyle I had always wanted to talk to her about it but did not have the courage to broach the topic, But I always looked for an opening to.) She went on to say "we have to have you guys over for dinner snd get you into swinging" And then she said "I want your wife". I have not mentioned anything about my conversation with our friend to my wife. I also have not talked to our friend again yet.

Here is what I would like to do and that is encourage our female friend to make a move on my wife and see where it goes. As far as our friends husband is concerned he is much younger tham we are and a very good looking young man who I know would be the kind of guy my wife fuck if she were going to fuck outside our marrige at all. Any suggestions ????



Dear (Anonymous),

Sounds like a solid plan to me. I only say this because your wife seems open to the idea, and you already know that these people are desirable and willing. Just encourage the other lady to take a more delicate route and not to be too aggressive. You don't your wife to be scared off, never to entertain this fantasy again. Don't do it to your wife stone cold sober, but don't wait until she's had too many either. You want her to be relaxed (not uptight) during the approach, but not relaxed enough that she might regret her own response to the situation.
Also, you may not want her to know that you've been planning this with the other couple. This might tick her off. Then again, I don't know your wife's personality type, so use your own discretion about how much information you give her.
Get the ball rolling and see where things lead.....
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