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Question: Removing hair around the anus

Dear Lounge Advice,
I would like to know about how to remove the hair around your anus what products over the counter work the best kinda gross sorry but it has to go



Dear (Anonymous),

Hmm, I'd be a bit cautious about using any type of over the counter hair removal product in that area. Ouch! The skin in that area is quite sensitive as you know, and putting any kind of chemicals there can seriously backfire. No pun intended.

The best method I'm aware of is good 'ol fashioned shaving. Yes, your behind will itch and get a bit irritated after the first few shaves since you're not accustomed to shaving there. However, after time, it's just like any other area of the body.

If any of our readers have any suggestions, let me know and I'll post yours here!
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