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Question: I miss my girlfriend- What should I do?

Dear Lounge Advice,
I just broke up with my girlfriend and I really care about her alot but I keep getting told by family and others that she says all kinds of messed up things about me and she tells me the exact same for them. What do you think I should do? I dont know who to believe, all I know is that I wanna be with her and I miss her alot.



Dear (Anonymous),

I think you should keep the family out of this as much as possible and try to communicate just with her.
You guys need to have a heart to heart without everyone else throwing in their two cents. Tell her that you miss her and ask if she would consider sitting down, perhaps in a neutral place like a cozy restaurant to just talk about things. Don't try to come across like you're setting things up to get back together or you might scare her off. Just tell her that you want to set things straight instead of having all of these outside sources scar your memories of each other.
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