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Question: How do I get more attention?

Dear Lounge Advice,

what can I do besides posting a photo of myself, to bring more attention to my profile?

Thank You,




Dear (Anonymous),

Well, dear, from what I read in your profile, I'm seeing a big road block already.
You're advertising on a swinger site as a 'single' looking for fun, but you say in your profile that you're a married man.
To a casual observer, it looks as if you're trying to cheat on your wife by using swinger's site for hookups. No amount of photos are profile retouching will get you very far in this situation.
Swingers don't take well to this.
So, if this is in fact the case, you may have better luck posting your ad on a different kind of site instead of a swingers' forum.
If this isn't the case, consider explaining your situation a bit more in your profile so readers don't assume that you're just here to fool around behind your wife's back.
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