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Question: What should our next step be?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Both my husband and I are new to the lifestlye and I have a problem. It was his idea to persure the lifestyle and I "felt" like I was stepping outside my comfort zone. Then I started "playing" in the lifestyle and enjoyed it. I played alone and enjoyed the "attention" I got. He is upset. I totally understand because we had an agreement to always play together, and I feel like I broke it. I was thinking that if i was more outgoing we (or he) could get more attention from others I told him this but not an excuse. We have definately talked alot about this issue and are not sure as to how to go on to make us both feel comfortable. I like both women and men and his fantasy is about a three some. What should be our next step be? We both enjoy the lifestlye but are not willing to give up the relationship we have created together.




Dear (Anonymous),

You did break the agreement you had together. It's good that you are aware of this and willing to make amends.
I'mglad that you're both communicating, as this is very important, especially for those who are new to the lifestyle.
If his fantasy is a threesome, you might want to arrange that. This way, you're showing that you care about his feelings and desires and that you're willing to play as a couple, as intended when you got into this.
Even if you cannot arrange this right away, any further play should be as a couple. No more play outside the agreements set down should take place.
Above all, please make sure that you communicate thoroughly throughout this adventure and adhere to the rules you both set down. If you do this, you should be able to continue doing this with security.
The next step should be one on your part, showing that you're willing to play in the lifesyle, and play fair. However you decide to show this is up to you :)
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