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Question: How to handle a first meeting with a couple or single

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am new to Lifestyle Lounge and just joined on Monday. What is the best recommendation on how to handle my first meeting with a couple and or single female off of the site??




Dear (Anonymous),

Allow the couple or single to arrange the meeting spot and terms of meeting. Offer this beforehand to be courteous. When you meet, be the quintessential gentleman. Open doors, pull our chairs, etc. If you are out with a couple, keep your focus on the man. With couples, when they meet singles, here is how they usually view things:
If taking out a single female, the couple's male need only like the lady to bring her into thier bed.
If taking out a single male, the couple's male needs to 'love' the man before he brings him him for his wife. By this, I mean that you need to win over the male first by letting him see that you will treat his wife with respect.
Here are some things that may keep the bedroom door closed to you:
1)Diving right into conversation about sex without being prompted by either half of the couple, or by a single woman. If they don't steer the conversation that way, don't even initiate that kind of talk. Granted, you're all their trying to gauge sexual chemistry. However, if you bring it up and make it the focus of conversation, everyone will know that you only have one thing in mind. Be respectful and don't be the first to bring up sex at all costs.
2) Talking only to/with her. Remember, if out with a couple, although she may be the focus later in the evening, they are still a couple and should be treated as such. Focus your attention on both.
3)Offer to pay. Even if the couple insists on paying and wins, you'll have shown that you are respectful enough to offer. With a single female, it is usually traditional on the first date as you're well aware. If she orders the most expensive things on the menu and doesn't offer to pay, then I would suggest making that your first AND last date.

One last suggestion: Go easy on the cologne and the alcohol. I've been out with single men that overdo it and it's a turnoff. A little does it!

Above all, always defer to her/their wishes. Remember, it is an honor for a single to be invited into a couple's bed. With single females, they are so sought after that it is also rare for a single male to have the opportunity to meet her. Just be a gentleman and be yourself.

P.S.- Just from a lady's point of view, you should make your second profile photo your primary. It's a very sexy photo of you. The others are nice too, but that type of photo is even better on a girl's eyes! You should also post more of those types in your album :)
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