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Question: Porn film- How do I get a role in one?

Dear Lounge Advice,
I noticed on one of your answers concerning "getting into the porn industry" that you were once somewhat involved and might give some advice on how to approach this fantasy of mine.
Here is my story. . . my LL boyfriend is older than I am but still very adventursome. We expeirment in so many things. . we love having sex in semi-public places. . I am an exhibitionist and it turns me on so much just shocking people!
One of our fantasys is to be in a real porn film. We are planning a trip to LA this summer. . .with some wild beach flashing and etc. in mind. While there, we would just die to be in any kind of a porn film. . . low budget, we don't care. First, after seeing my profile pics. . am I porn material? I don't have big boobs, is there a place for me in a porn film? My boyfriend. . .you can access our private pics with the password "------". . . he is older and attractive, but admits he is not the "hunk" you generally see in porn. He would be satified just being a "walk on" or having ANY role in a film, just to see me perform.
Can you give me advice on where to go/do? Can we set this up ahead of time with a reputable agency? OR, can I expect to just show up, sign up, and be in a flick that day?
Also, I test regularly (about every 3 months) for HIV. I am very careful about partners but mostly hate using condoms. What is the procedure for testing and knowing that partners are "clean".. . as I still see most porn done without condoms?
What should I (we) expect for payment on a first job? I must admit, I am not interested in signing longterm contracts or anything of the sort. . . Probably just a one time thing. Should I disclose this to them or make them think I want this as a career?
Any other advice for me? Your help is appreciated!
Celeste (and Ron)



Dear (Anonymous),

You are DEFINITELY porn material! You have a fantastic look for this, so you won't have much of a problem. Boob size doesn't matter, as long as you're outgoing and have the right look and attitude.
Your man could certainly have a minor role if he wanted. You can approach the producer about having him involved.
As far as showing up and trying to find a gig, I'd advise against that.
Seeing as there can be a lot of unsavory/shady directors, I'm recommending a company that will probably be able to shoot you:
Go to Peter North's website:

Let them know that you're interested in doing this. I'm sure they'll be able to use you. Peter's company, North Star Productions, is a very reputable agency and will treat you well.
Tell him that his "Subaqua Sex" costar sent you.

This company does not deal with contracts and the pay is fair. As for disease testing, it's a must in the industry. You cannot deal with a reputable company without providing proof of testing. When I was in the vids, it was required on a monthly basis in order to work.

Just be honest and tell them that you only want to do this once. And send pictures!
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