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Question: How do we get more replies to our emails?

Dear Lounge Advice,

we have been on this site for about a week. In that time we have reponded to many couples, yet nobody has written us back.. Could we be less attractive than we see ourselves and each other? Maybe our profile isnt consitant with everyone else.. could tell us what we could do to fit in and get some mail?



Dear (Anonymous),

We dont know what you have been writing to other people so its hard to comment on every possible reason you are not getting responses to the emails.. but as far as your profile is concerned... we do have a suggestion for you...

It is obvious that in your description of yourselves you are trying to be funny and wrote something very cute... but some people can read that as being overly sarcastic... and that might be a turn off to some people.

We cant speak for everyone... but people definately come on this site to meet other real people, and they view the profiles as their only real opportunity to get a picture of what the others are really like....

Although we had no problem with what you wrote... we can see how others might read it differently... so if all else fails.. try being alittle more sincere about yourselves... and hopefully that will make a difference...

The only other thing we can say is that sometimes its a matter of timing... this could have just been a cooincidence and you can end up getting a bunch of responses next week.

As we also have advised others, the more you get involved in the site (ie the forum and other areas) the more people will see your profile and get an idea of where you guys are... and you will have a lot more fun too!!
Let us know how it goes...
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