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Question: Why is my husband afraid to admit that a woman is attractive?

Dear Lounge Advice,
When looking at other women on the site my husband is very quick to answer f he dosen't find the women attractive but when we come across some women he says nothing. I tis quite obvious that he finds those attractive but is afraid to say so. I have made this point to him several times and he dismisses it as if it were nothing. I would rather hear him say aloud "i find her attractive" as I do with men. He denies it and tries to cover it up with excuses. Why s he so afraid to be honest with me.



Dear (Anonymous),

He either doesn't want to hurt you or he's still afraid to admit it. Has there ever been a time in the past where you've reacted negatively to him either looking at an attractive woman's picture, or perhaps when he noticed a pretty woman while you were both out in public? If so, he may hold his tongue so as not to elicit this from you.

Even if this hasn't happened, don't harp on it. Rather, point out attractive women on your own by saying "Wow, she's a hottie" and see if he at least agrees. You have to go out of your way to make him feel that won't upset you if he admits that he finds another woman attractive.
I really do think that you should ask him why he's so afraid, and have an honest conversation. I don't know if you've had swinging experiences yet, but if can't even voice this, he'll have a hard time getting into the physicals while you're there too.
Look at it this way- You've got the better end of the problem. Some men go too far in gushing over other women's pictures to the detriment of their own partners' feelings. It just sounds like he's trying to be thoughful of your feelings.
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