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Question: Lifestyle lingo

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are a new couple and the male was filling out the profile. He listed me as bi-curious. I was upset with him due that I am straight. After a few emails found out he listed himself as bi also! Yes I got a kick out of that!!
My question is there is a list, and I do not understand what some of the meanings are behind them. Could you be so kind and explain those to me?
Bi Comfortable
Bi Curious
Very Bisexual

Then there is Unicorn…
Thank you for helping me understands the lingo about this life style.



Dear (Anonymous),

Soooo many acronyms and lingo to this!! I feel ya!

Here goes:
Bi Comfy- Anyone who doesn't mind being around Bisexual individuals and even tolerates them in a sexual swinging situation. A Bi-comfy person usually does not engage in any activity with a bisexual individual. Essentially, it's anyone who is not homophobic, but someone who doesn't engage in same-sex activity.

Bi-Curious- This title says it all. The Bi-curious individual is intrigued by activity with the same sex, whether or not they actively seek it out. This person is open to a same-sex encounter, but sometimes may never act on it- they merely fantasize. Some bi-curious persons will try the exprience a few times to gauge thier true feelings about same-sex activities. Depending on their experiences, they may revert back to 'bi-comfy' or straight, or they may convert to the bi-sexual category.

Bi-sexual- This is not the female you see at the clubs who plays kissy kissy with another girl or engages in full out same-sex intercourse for the sheer reason of providing others their jollies. A bisexual person TRULY enjoys sex with the same gender whether or not others are watching, and will often actively seek it out.

Very Bisexual- Well, to me, you're either bi or you're not. If I had to place a definition on this, I'd say that this is the individual who prefers the same sex over the opposite sex, but still engages in sex with both.

Gay- Well, we all know what this means.

A unicorn is a slang name for a single female since they are so rare to 'catch' in our lifestyle.
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