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Question: Why not more pics of the men in most profiles?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Why are there so many pictures of the females for each "couples profile but very few have pictures of the male counterpart? Am I missing something that says only put the picture of the female on your profile? My wife and myself would like to see the other half.



Dear (Anonymous),

I'm in total agreement with you there! I'm going to apologize upfront to the readers here with what I'm about to say, but I truly believe this:
Even when both members of the couple may be just as attractive, many lifestylers gravitate toward the female first. This is not to say that the male is devalued, but the female seems to be central to the couple/couple connection. One of the main reasons for this is usually because both the man and the woman will play with the other female. Yes, it's true that the male is involved with play too.
But (and here's where the aforementioned disclaimer comes in) the female's pictures are usually used as 'bait' to lure other couples into showing interest and delving deeper into the profile.
Personally, I'm with you in wanting to see both man and woman equally represented in the images. Some couple photos thrown in are also a big bonus because that shows us that they're actually proud to be seen together :)
That's why the Mr. and I post equal amounts of photos of ourselves in our personal profile. We have a few 'together' photos as well. The only reason I have just my photos on this profile is because I run this gig. If this was the couple profile, I wouldn't be caught dead doing that. It's not fair to anyone who checks out a couple's profile.
Heck, if you're going to meet a couple, you're going to see the male component, so why not showcase it in the profile.
Another reason you may not see as many man-meat shots, as I like to call them, is because some of the guys just don't feel as 'droolworthy' or photogenic as their wives, so they put their best foot forward, which is their women.
Heck, I think my hubby is the better looking of us, and I would overload out profile with his sexy pics and leave mine to a minimum if I could.
But ultimately, people want to see both parts of the play package, so fair is fair.
Your best bet, if you're really interested in a profile with minimum pics of the guy is just to ask them politely for more pics of him.
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