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Question: We are attracted to our vanilla neighbors

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are very attracted to our vanilla neighbors who have no idea we are swingers. We dont know if we should hit on them. Everytime we get together our conversations are about what we have been up, the kids, and even a little about our married sex lives. We want more than a friendship with our neighbors, but dont know if its a good or bad idea.



Dear (Anonymous),

I feel that this is a very bad idea. Not knowing if they're even into this, you may try to delve deeper and potentially offend them or cause them to turn away from you.
Also, even if that possibility does exist and the rare chance presents itself to swing, several dangers lie therein.
You may have a great relationship with them now, but if it goes further, you risk the chance that the relationship could foster any number of negative outcomes down the road. I had two good couple friends (playmates) who moved within five miles of us. Now, we are on the outs and I shudder at the thought that they could have been right next door.
With kids, you just don't want to dabble that close to home (literally).
Think of this as having a fling with an office coworker. If and when the fling goes in the wrong direction, there is awkwardness and other things that transpire.
At least with a job, you can quit and work elsewhere if the affair goes south.
With this scenario, you'd either have to avoid each other or move.

There are plenty of attractive couples out there from which you can chose. I highly recommend that you leave your friendship where it is and consider the potential ramifications of a sexual relationship that could be damaging down the road.

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