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Question: How to find out if a 'regular' someone is into swinging

Dear Lounge Advice,

What is the best way to find if the other couple is willing swinger or would like to try. Similarly, for a threesome, how do you determine if she would be willing to play?




Dear (Anonymous),

Approach this with some humor, such as:

"We just saw the story on the news about the neighborhood with the swinger's parties going on."

See how they react, then say something to the effect of:

"We don't think that's such a terrible thing- sounds like fun actually"

This way, you're not fessing up to being swingers, but you're still leaving that opening for them to jump in and either agree with you so you can take the conversation further and see what you can divulge.......
or, it will show you that they're put off by the concept and you can say
"We would never actually partake in that, but it's probably great for people who are bold enough to do it, huh?"

This is just an example of a non-direct, non-threatening way to approach the subject so that you can gauge their interest, but not send them away running.

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