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Question: Misunderstanding has led to being a target

Dear Lounge Advice,
A couple contacted me, we met liked each other and proceeded to make plans to connect.
Our schedules clashed.
The husband was very persistant and the wife3 made it clear she wanted to be in on all the coresspondence which is how I perfer it to be anyway.
He contacted me on his own anyway. After trying to get a hold of her I tried his phone number to try meetboth of them with a date. She attacked me verbally for this and insisted I was initiating contact with him.
She blocked me, but now is finding ways to get in pot shots at me on the forum when I post any kind of topic.
Can you recommend a way to handle this.



Dear (Anonymous),

If you're bold enough, I would post this exact dilemma in the forum, explaining what you told me. This will serve two purposes.
1) It will put your explanation out there for these people to see what your side of the story is.
2) Others can give you some helpful suggestions to deal with this.
Truly, you have nothing to lose, especially if some others have believed another version of the story.
At least you can defend yourself in some way even if you're blocked from explaining it to her directly.

If you'd prefer, I can post this under my account for you so you stay anonymous.
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