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Question: Being the star of someone's blog and not wishing to be

Dear Lounge Advice,
I had a situation where someone wrote a blog about me. It was hurtful and offensive. They did remove it. I asked that this person not make me the "star" of any further blogs and to please just stay away from me. This person was recently at an event where they brought up to the host about the blog and that they were staying away. The host told this person that they could write whatever they wanted to. So, again, I was the star of part of the blog. This person does not use my name but by the description you could tell it was me and I was informed by others that they new who this person wrote about.
How can I make it more clear to not make me the star of any further blogs?



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, since technically it is their blog and they aren't mentioning you by name, I'm not sure that you have much of a leg to stand on. I'm not saying that what they're doing is right- not by any means.
The only other means of handling this that I can think of is to contact administration with the problem and ask if this violates any of the TOS. If it does, then it can be stopped.
If nothing can be done and asking this person has done nothing, just remove yourself from the drama and hold your head high.
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