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Question: Is it okay for us to split up and play?

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband & I are fairly new to the Lifestyle. We've met some great couples and have had some great experiences. However, I am more selective in my choices of men then my husband is with women. In fact, (and I hate saying this) it just seems that many women are more attractive than their husbands. I have no problem with my husband going off with a woman of his choice, but does that mean I have to play with her husband if there's no attraction?? Nothing has ever been said & I've never heard anyone getting uptight as to why I might not be playing along.

Is it okay, as a couple,to go off with different partners from time to time, or is it supposed to be married couple with married couple?

Thanks for your help.




Dear (Anonymous),

This is a question you shouldn't need to ask me ;)
It's not *supposed* to be anything. There are no swinging bylaws written.
Is this what YOU both want? Then of course it's okay. As long as you are both happy with this arrangement and you let others know about it too, then have at it!

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