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Question: My wife seems to be more interested in a play partner than our relationship

Dear Lounge Advice,

Well here is the story, my wife and I had had a relationship with another couple for about 5 years. Things went pretty well till a year ago when my wife and her lover got to close. I felt very uncomfortable with the direction things were going. I talked with my wife many times about my feelings on this but things did not change. I talked to his wife a few times too. She was not always comfortable with their play either. The day came I could not take it any more and thought it was time we started to open up the relationship and all hell let loose.

They don't talk to me any more but he still calls my wife. I am not comfortable with this and have told her so. She says she understands but they still talk and our relationship is going down the tubes. We went from sex 2 or 3 times a week to maybe once a month if I'm lucky. She has no interest in me or in play any more.

She had showed some interest in other men but her lover said he did not want her to, so what ever he wanted he got. My feelings did not seem to matter.




Dear (Anonymous),

It's time to cut this off. Your marriage comes first and if this continues, there will be no more marriage.
Tell her that she needs to make a choice. If she wants to save this marriage, it needs to stop.
If she still does not, then you know where you stand and you can take the appopriate action from there.
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