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Question: We were at a club, and I found that I had my period...

Dear Lounge Advice,

We're pretty new to this scene. Saturday night we went out to a lifestyle club , and we were really starting to feel chemistry with some couples. I went to the ladies room and discovered that (that time of the month) arrived early. I was very nervous, and told my spouse, At first we stayed to ourselves, but then decided we were acting snobbish and so we decided to leave. How do you politely handle that situation!




Dear (Anonymous),

That is a very common situation that always sneaks up at the worst time.

You should never feel embarrassed or feel like you have to segregate yourselves like that again. Everyone one time or another has gone through the same thing.

The best way we find to handle it is through humor. Next time just come out of the bathroom, shake your head and tell anyone, "Well I guess I just went on injured reserve !!" But you don't have to up and leave or keep to yourselves. just Be upfront with everyone. That is the polite way.

When we go out to a club, we go out to have a good time whether we are going to dance, have fun, meet new people, and maybe "play" if the moment is right. If it doesnt happen we still have a good time.

There have been times when I have had my monthly visitor and we have gone out knowing that we were NOT going to play ahead of time as I was on injured reserve before we left the house.

We just have more fun associating with lifestyle people and enjoy the lifestyle clubs.
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