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Question: How do we approach the topic of wanting to play?

Dear Lounge Advice,
I'm a little shy at breaking the ice. I'm just no good at saying "Y'all get your clothes off it's Fuckin time!"
I've asked my man to help me with and he says he can't. He says that if he brings it up people will think he's pushing me and that he's agressive. He's really the sweetest. Is it ok for him to bring it up? Can he ask me if I'd like to take the other couple home infront of them? Of course only after I've given him the thigh squeeze that says oooo yummy. We are new but not mean. He'd only ask if the answer was yes.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well if he would only ask if the answer was yes, how does he know the answer is yes unless he asks?
I've found the best way to initiate the "Do ya wanna play talk" is this way:

Say to the other couple,
"We're getting ready to have fun with each other soon and we're going (insert destination here). You guys are welcome to join us if you'd like. We'll be leaving soon, so let us know if you'd like to join the fun."
This is where you walk over to the bar, or somewhere visible. This is their chance to talk it over amongst themselves and go find you to say they're interested. If they're taking a while, just go back over and tell them you're going. Ask one last time if they want to go, but tell them it's no problem if they want to stay behind and enjoy the festivities.
This gives them an 'out' if they're not looking to play. They can easily say "We're just going to party here a little more".
That will allow them to turn you down gracefully, or.....
this will give them the perfect way to say yes to play without them having to ask. You've already taken the initiative for them.
Either way, you're showing that you're not pushy and you're a good sport whether or not they choose to play. It allows them to either bow out gracefully or eases them into the subject of playing if it's on their minds.
It's best if you both do this together, so they know your feelings as a couple are the same.
Once you're over this hump, it's pretty much assumed that whenever anyone wants to strip down, it's okay.
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