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Question: How do you deal with a lack of self esteem?

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have over the last year tried to do my best to show confidence when in public or with other people. I have never been someone that is very confident and lately seem to over compensate by being overly open and quite the "talker." My lack of self esteem and self defense mechanisms turn me into an exhibistionist without shame.

My question for you is this: Do you think that over compensation such as that just makes people like me seem bitchy or stuck up?




Dear (Anonymous),

It is rare that someone who is overly open or talkative is viewed as being "bitchy" or "stuck up". Those adjectives are usually associated with people who are quiet and more reserved... then again.. we don't know what you are saying.

As far as being an exhibitionist without shame.... again not really characteristics of people with low self esteem... as long as you are displaying those characteristics in settings that are condusive to it and legal... doesnt seem like you are hurting anyone... including yourself.

In the words of Bill & Ted... "Be excellent to each other... AND....Party on dudes"
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