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Question: Tips on getting firmer and hotter fast

Dear Lounge Advice,

I'm trying to get in better shape. We are new and I just quit smoking. I lost weight before I quit and now it's all back. Ok so now I've whined (oh poor me ).

Any tips on getting firmer and hotter fast?



Dear (Anonymous),

I have a few tips, such as:
Get your cardio workout in at least 3 times a week to boost your metabolism. Smoking is of course, a stimulant, so it unnaturally tends to alter the body to mimic a higher metabolism.
The best meals for you will be small and frequent ones. Ideally, you should eat 5-6 small meals evenly spaced throughout the day. This kicks up your metabolism and your body will shed fat. If you are eating large meals 2-3 times a day, this signals your body to hoard fat because it's not getting fed frequently. Digesting large meals also takes a lot of your body's energy and can make you tired. Your body should be devoting energy to other things besides digesting large quantities of food.
If you are serious about this, you should hire a personal trainer. Anything you would consider 'fast' weight loss probably isn't healthy for you. I just got over a weeklong sickness accompanied by either very little food, or not being able to keep down what I ate. Yep, I lost a few pounds. I wanted to lose a few pounds. But now my body is starved and whatever I shovel in is going to hoarded by my body and my weight will return quickly. Any kind of crash/fad diet or unconventional way to lose weight at lightspeed will be no different than getting ill for a week. That's why they're referred to as yo-yo diets.
I'm not an exercise/diet guru, so if you're looking for specific tips, you may want to consult our wise members in the forum. You'd be surprised at how many people there really know their stuff in this area. I myself have had a lot of luck posting my health questions in there. Give it a shot!
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