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Question: Vanilla friends- How do we bring them into the lifestyle?

Dear Lounge Advice,
How do we bring our vanilla friends to the LS?



Dear (Anonymous),

This is something that I've never been too sure about.
I don't give it too much serious thought because I feel that it's risky business trying to convert people who might be offended by the notion of swinging.
However, if I were to attempt it, here's what I might do:
I would casually bring up the topic in a conversation. Maybe "Hey, I think a couple in our neighborhood are swingers because we see sexy people getting out of their cars to go into their house every Saturday and they don't leave until early morning" I'd see what their reaction would be to this. If they seemed intrigued, then I probably say "It actually looks like it would be kind of fun". I would gauge their reaction from that statement. If they disagreed with that, I would say that I was joking and that we wouldn't do that sort of thing. Conversation over.
But, if they agree that it looks fun, I would continue to gradually move the conversation along to seeing if they're open to it.
But, before you even try this, you need to think about a few things.
Are you willing to admit that you are swingers to these people?
Are they the kind of people, that even if they weren't interested in the lifestyle, would still be your friends knowing that you were swingers?
Will they possibly offended by you fringing this up and distance themselves from you as a result?

Just something to think about :)
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