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Question: Is it hopeless for a single male?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Finding myself recently single and looking to explore things that my previous life didn't allow me to begs the following question. Is it hopeless for a single male?? Most any club I have seen advertises couples and females only. I can understand the stigma associated with single males, but is it a truly a "closed" world for us? Is the only option finding a partner who enjoys the lifestyle?

All the best and thanks in advance !!




Dear (Anonymous),

There is definately a place in the Lifestyle for single men. However, many single men are faced with the harsh reality of the laws of supply and demand.

What makes things worse for those single men who "get it" and have learned to understand how to be successful in the lifestyle is that the numbers of single men who are "clueless" about the lifestyle really make it difficult for everyone.

Most single men are really nieve when it comes to understanding what the Lifestyle is all about for many couples, and they believe in what we call, "The Myth."

The myth is that ALL couples in the lifestyle welcome single men... and that the way to get lucky at a coules club is to hit on any woman just as they would at a singles club. Most of those guys crash and burn in both places.

We have met and made friends with several great single men in our years in the lifesytle, and although we do not include them in our lifestyle playing, we are great friends. Most of those who are respectful and understanding get a reputation for being so and are well respected and well liked (and they always seem to be "busy"! LOL

Since we are one of the couples who are not interested in single men, it is really hard for us to give you really good advice as to what to do or not to do, however, this website is full of resources for you.

You can consider writing a post in the "forum" section and let other single men or couples interested in single men guide you on the right path.

We do know many couples that enjoy including single men in their activities so it is definately NOT a "closed world" for you. You just have to learn how to play the game the right way.

As far as the clubs are concerned, some clubs do not let single men in and some clubs (like the South Florida clubs) allow single men on certain nights. Best to call the clubs ahead of time or look at their websites for more into.
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